Mark Minelli – Big City chords

Artist: Mark MinelliSong: Big CityAlbum: Gift HorseTabbed by: King Of SuedeE-mail:
Relatively simple song. Listen to the song for the fingerpicking pattern. Chords used: D, DMaj7, C#dim, Bm, A, G, E
(For C#dim, Ring finger on A string, bar with index, middle finger on high e. And note the G on the e string in the Em)Intro/Verse: Dmaj7 C#dim Em A e|-5-----3-----3-----0B|-7-----2-----0-----2G|-6-----2-----0-----2D|-7-----2-----2-----2A|-5-----4-----2-----0E|-------------0-----0
"Oooh" Section after 1st verse: Dmaj7 Bm Eme|-5-----2--3B|-7-----3--0G|-6-----4--0D|-7-----4--2A|-5-----2--2E|----------0
Chorus: G Bm D Ae|-3--2--5--5B|-3--3--7--5G|-4--4--7--6D|-5--4--7--7A|-5--2--5--7E|-3--------5
(This is my first tab so e-mail me if anything needs to be improved. If anyone has the lyrics, I'd be happy to line the chords up with the words. And if anyone is having trouble picking up the picking pattern, e-mail me and I'll tab it.)
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