Mark Robin – Be Unto Your Name chords

C G Dm Am F C Gsus G

Verse 1:
C G Dm AmWe are a moment You are forever
F C Bb Gsus GLord of the ages God before time
C G Dm AmWe are a vapor You are eternal
F C Bb Gsus GLove everlasting reigning on high
Am F C GHoly holy Lord God Almighty
Am F C Gsus GWorthy is the Lamb Who was slain
Am F C GHighest praises honor and glory
Dm Am Gsus GBe unto Your name
Dm Am Gsus G ABe unto Your name
Verse 2: We are the broken You are the healer Jesus Redeemer mighty to save You are the love song we'll sing forever Bowing before You blessing Your name Chorus 2:
Bm G D AHoly holy Lord God Almighty
Bm G D Asus AWorthy is the Lamb who was slain
Bm G D AHighest praises honor and glory
Em Bm Asus ABe unto Your name
Em Bm Asus ABe unto Your name
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