Mark Robin – Highly Exalted chords

Artist: Robin Mark
Title: Highly Exalted
Album: Year of Grace

Key of E (Major)

6/8 Timing

Chords used:

Asus2-x02200 (A2) or   A-x02220
B-x24400 (it's really a Bsus or a B power chord, but i just refer to it as a B for this 
song) Alternative chord: B-x24442

That's basically all the chords to this song! This is the way I play it, because I like 
the open chords/strings versus the regular A and Barred B chords. But you can play it 
any way you like it!

Verse 1:
EYou were despised; You were rejected, Lord;
G#m A2Those who passed by even averted their gaze from the sight,
E BSuch was the suffering You bore for us
Verse 2:
ELed like a lamb, a lamb to the slaughter, You
G#mSpoke not a word, but chose to be silent though
A2 E BYou did no wrong, nor was deceitfulness found in You
A2 BYet by Your wounds our salvation has come,
A2 B BYet by Your suffering our freedom is won.
Chorus: (Always play through chorus twice)
E G#mFor God has highly exalted Your name;
A2He has enthroned You on high;
B B -(you can add a suspended note in there ifJesus, the name above all names. you please.)
(Verse 2) (Pre-chorus) (Chorus) (Pre-chorus-soft) (Chorus-soft) (Chorus-regular) And thats it!! This is the first song I've heard from him. And it's an awesome one at that. Thanks for looking guys! Rate if you thinks it's good or throw some ideas out! Thanks again! Pce
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