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Mark Schottinger – Black And White chords

Black and White 
by Mark Schottinger
(as seen in "The Parking Lot Movie")

C FI'm sitting downtown, watching them crowds roll by
C GOn that same sad street I thought I'd left behind
C FMy wild dreams wouldn't take me there
C G C GThe best of times just don't compare
F GWell, I'm so low down, but I feel alright
C FI'm seein' my world in black and white
C G C GI'm seein' my world in black and white
F GAnd everything could fade to grey
C FI would not care, that'd be okay
C G C GI'm seein' my world in black and white
C FSame old sun beating down on me
C GWell Sunday afternoons ain't what they used to be
C FI tried so hard to change my ways
C G C GI gave up, Lord, and then just changed
C FA doggone man with a guitar on his knee
C GHe sits across the way, it seems he's singing just for me
C FHe sings everything's gonna be alright
C G C GS'pose his guess, Lord, is just as good as mine
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