Mark Schultz – When You Come Home chords

Left handed
Fsus FMy first day of recess
Bb F They all laughed at me
Am When I fell off the swing set
BbAnd scraped up my knee.
Fsus FThe nurse called my mama
Bb FTo say I'd be late
AmAnd when she gave me the phone
Bb CI could hear mama say,
Bb F/AI'm so sorry, son
C Bb Oh I think you're so brave
F/A Bb Csus, CAnd she was smiling when she said
FWhen you come home
C No matter how far
Dm C Bb Csus, C Run through the door and into my arms
FIt's where you are loved
C It's where you belong
Dm - C - BbAnd I will be here
C Fsus - F - Bb - Bb minorWhen you come home
Verse Two:
Fsus FI waved good-bye through the window
Bb FAs I boarded the plane
Am BbMy first job in Houston was waiting for me
Fsus FI found a letter from mama
Bb FTucked in my coat
Am And as I flew down the runway
Bb CI smiled when she wrote
Bb F/AI miss you son
C BbYou'll be so far away
F/A Bb - Csus, CBut I'll be waiting for the day
Fsus F Well I don't think she can hear you now
Fsus F The doctor told me.
Am Your mother is fading
BbIt's best that you leave
Fsus F So I whispered I love you
Fsus FAnd then turned away
AmBut I stopped at the door
Bb C When I heard mama say
Bb F/A I love you son
C BbBut they're callin' me away
F/A Dbsus - Csus, CPromise me before I go
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