Mark Schultz - He Will Carry Me chords version 1

Capo 2

Intro: Am F C G

Am F C GI call, You hear me
Am F CIíve lost it all
G DmAnd itís more than I can bear
C FI feel so empty
Youíre strong Iím weary Iím holdiní on But I feel like giviní in But still Youíre with me Chorus:
C FAnd even though Iím walkiní through
C GThe valley of the shadow
C FI will hold tight to the hand of Him
C GWhose love will comfort me
C FAnd when all hope is gone
C GAnd Iíve been wounded in the battle
C FHe is all the strength that I will
GEver need
Am F C GAnd He will carry me
Verse 2 I know Iím broken But You alone Can mend this heart of mine Youíre always with me Repeat Chorus
G Am F CAnd even though I feel so lonely
G Am FLike Iíve never been before
C G Am CYou never said it would be easy
FBut You said youíd see me through
GThe storm
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