Marketa Irglova – Crossroads chords

Left handed
Marketa Irglova - Crossroads

Transcribed by Ivan Viragine

Standard Tuning: e a d g b e

Intro: C#m

C#mIt remains to be seen
ATo which side I'm gonna lean
F#mWhich road will I choose
E G#mOr will I win or will I lose?
C#mI'm a gonna come to my senses and see the light
AIn letting go of what I want in order to do what's right
F#mOh but right by who?
E G#m A By me or by you?
EIt's just a crossroads
C#mIs the light red or is it green?
ANow i'm getting mixed signals, I really don't know what they mean
F#mIf I wasn't temporarily blind
E G#mIf I could only take one look I know I'd find
AHow simple it all is.
F#m EHow much do I really want this?
C#m - A - F#m - E - G#m C#m (intro)
C#mIs enough not enough?
AAm I really in love?
F#mOr is it nothing but a test?
E G#mWell if you wanna try me go ahead and be my guest
C#mCos I know myself I'd like to go which way we're to go
AI guess it's undecided yet so I'll take it slow
F#mBut as I regain my sight
E G#m AI know I will do what's right
EIndeed it's just a crossroads
C#mNow that I'm willing to clearly see
AThings for what they really are, not what i'd like them to be
F#mThere's nothing left to think about
E G#mI know the way now, I've no more doubt
A F#m EI let go and release; you'll do the same for me, please
C#m - A - F#m - E - G#m (4x) C#m (intro - 4x) Transcribed by Ivan Viragine
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