Marlango - Madness chords

Marlango - Madness

Intro: Am F Am F

Am FMadness is my name, Madness is the game, I will play with you.
Am FMadness is the kiss I'll give to you, Wrapped in silver night
Dm FmAnd you will never be the same
Verse: Madness is the maze I will build for you, 'Til you loose my trace Madness is the word you will try to tie, 'Til you loose yourself Chorus:
Dm Fm Em AmAnd you will never be the same, You'll also be insane
Bridge: Am F Am F Am F Chorus:
Dm Fm Em AmAnd you will never be the same, And you will also be insane
Fade Out:
Am FNo use, confuse, what is the use
Am F Am F No use, confuse, what is the use, If nothing will be the same again
Am F You will never be the same, You will also be insane
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