Marmaduke Duke - Single Ladies tab

Marmaduke Duke on Radio 1's live lounge covering Beyonce's Single ladies

Thought the main guitar part for this song sounded rpetty simple so attempted my first 
tab :) this is how i thought it went

Main Riff - played most of the way through the song, listen to the track on youtube for 
exact timing.

Then theres a bit (chorus?) where the chords change, and there is a single strike on the (each strike lasting 1 bar) ________________________ ( x2 ) x4e|--10--|--7--|--5--|--7--|--10--|B|--10--|--7--|--5--|--7--|--10--|G|--10--|--7--|--5--|--7--|--10--|D|--10--|--7--|--5--|--7--|--10--|A|--12--|--5--|--3--|--5--|--12--|E|--10--|--7--|--5--|--7--|--10--|
If it not spot on i hope its a starting point for anyone =) youtube video -
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