Marmalade – I See The Rain chords

 "I See The Rain"(Campbell/Ford)
  Released as a single, August 1967

    The song seems to have been mastered sharp, so 
    capo first fret to match the recording.

  Intro: |D7 A | E G | X2

A E G D Beautiful day I'd like to lie on the green lawn,
A E G D The ducks are congregating round, round the lily pond,
A F#m C# And the cows have all gone running home to put their coats on,
D Bm E A Stay indoors, while it pours,'til tomorrow...Chorus:
D A G D D A G D I see the rain again, I must complain again,
D A G why does the rain let me down..
D Will you try to make it sunny in the morning?
(Intro) Five to ten, now it's time for the weather, The sun will shine and in it's time, get better, But it won't last for long, clouds are spreading over London town, Stay indoors, while it pours, till tomorrow. I see the rain again, I'll take the blame again, I see the rain let you down, But I'm gonna' make it sunny in the morning... Intro, then solo over verse chords Chorus #2, intro, repeat solo to fade.
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