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Marshall Tucker Band – Change Is Gonna Come tab

Change Is Gonna Come
The Marshall Tucker Band
>From the Album-"Together Forever"
Written by Tommy Caldwell
Tabbed by Ray Scheidler 

Dm7 Am7 Gm7E|-----1-------0-------3----------------|B|-----1-------1-------3----------------|G|-----2-------0-------3----------------|D|-----0-------2-------3----------------|A|---------------------5----------------|E|---------------------3----------------|
Intro/Rhythm Pattern Throughout:
Dm7 Am7 There was a time I dreamed about money Dm7 Am7 There was a day I feared growing old Dm7 Am7 Many times have come when I think about you honey Dm7 Am7 If you leave me girl I got nowhere to go Gm7 And I know and I know Dm7 Am7 A change is gonna come someday Dm7 Am7 And I know a change is gonna come Dm7 Am7 Do you remember a long long time ago Dm7 You would follow me all the time Am7 And everywhere I'd go Dm7 Now I find myself I got a pot of gold Am7 Living on another name Dm7 Am7 And what I got to know is it still the same Gm7 And I know and I know Dm7 Am7 A change is gonna come someday Dm7 Am7 And I know a change is gonna come Solo: Dm7 Am7 Dm7 Am7 Gm7 Dm7 Am7 Repeat chorus and continue pattern on outro
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