Marshall Tucker Band – This Ol Cowboy tab

Well these boys were southern rock before southern rock was born.  They did a tune
This Ol' Cowboy.  A large jazz influence shines right through.  Its a song about being dumped
a girlfriend and then telling her off.

The basic chords are as follows.  This is transcribed from the "Stompin' Room Only" CD.
was recorded live in Manchester England with the original MTB line up.

Play this with a jazz feel at a fast strumming tempo.  George McCorkel plays it with Bar
Toy Caldwell played the the blazing lead, which I wont even attempt to tab out, but I
give you the main lick.

The chords are Gm7 - Dmaj7 - G - F#m7 - E5 - A

Gm7 Dmaj7 G F#m7 E5 AE ---7-----5----3---2----0---0-------------|B ---7-----7----3---2----0---2-------------|G ---7-----6----4---2----0---2-------------|D ---5-----7----5---2----2---2-------------|A ---5-----5----5---4----2---0-------------|E ---X-----x----3---2----0---0-------------|
No put the chords on the lyric. The lyrics are somewhat pushed into the chord The lyric timing can throw you off, but if you hear it you will instantly get it. Gm7 Dmaj7 I'm sittin here in San Anton' waitin on the 8 o'clock train. Gm7 Dmaj7 My woman left me here last night, things aint quite the same. Gm7 Dmaj7 Gotta get back to Dallas and tie up a few loose ends.. Gm7 DMaj7 Gonna work a week make a hundred dollars and hit the road again. G Gm7 I dont want ya to think, your the first one to leave this old boy out here on his own. G F#m7 E5 A 'Cause this aint gonna be gonna be the first night this ol' cowboy Gm7 spent the night alone. Main Lead Lick. All other lead was played screamingly fast by the late Toy Caldwell, his THUMB! The chords are the ones the lead is played over. All other lead in this song total improvisation, I have never heard Toy play it the same way twice and any time I heard it he was just smokin!
Dm7E -3-2-3-2-3-5-5---3-2-3-2-3-5-5-3-2-3-2---|B ---------------------------------------3-|G -----------------------------------------|
Dmaj7E -----------------------------------------------|B ------3-5--5b7---------------------------------|G -3-h4------------------------------------------|
Ok, so there it is. A few notes: 1. On the Lyric "first night this ol' cowboy" The change to A happens on the 2nd sylable the word cowboy, its not misplaced. 2. The lyrics in the verse as I said are pushed. The measures between the chords the same, yet as apposed to most standard song writing, the number of words in a given measure greatly, so you have to actually sing them faster or slower depending. 3. In the lead chart h = Hammer on 4. In the lead chart b = bend so 5b7 means play the note on the 5th fret and bend up to equivalent tone for the 7th fret, or one whole step. Enjoy!
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