Martin Luther – Away In A Manger chords

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Away In A Manger chords
Martin Luther ??  (words by William J. Kirkpatrick  1895)*

GAway in a manger,
C Gno crib for His bed,
Dthe little Lord Jesus
Glay down his sweet head.
the stars in the sky
C Glooked down where He lay
Am Gthe little Lord Jesus,
C D Gasleep on the hay.
GThe cattle are lowing,
C Gthe poor Baby wakes,
DBut little Lord Jesus,
Gno crying He makes;
I love Thee, Lord Jesus,
C Glook down from the sky
Am GAnd stay by my cradle
C D Gtill morning is nigh.
GBe near me, Lord Jesus,
C GI ask Thee to stay,
DClose by me forever,
Gand love me, I pray!
Bless all the dear children
C Gin Thy tender care
Am GAnd take us to heaven,
C D Gto Live with Thee there.
* Alternate G = A C = D D = E Am = Bm Set8
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