American tab with lyrics by Martin Sexton - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Martin Sexton – American tab

First time I've tabbed but I'm almost sure it's correct.  I'm not doing tablature, just 
but if you listen to the song, you can figure out the plucking.


Intro:  Cm, Bbm  X4

Cm               Bbm     Cm               Bbm
I will always love you.  Uncertainty I love you.
Cm               Bbm     Cm               Bbm
Unspacious skies I love you.  I'll find new ways to love you.

C#                 Cm                Fm            Bb
All these miles of ghostly west, the Hopis lost to Spain.
C#             Cm              Cm         Bbm
All belong to me, I'm the American

Cm           Bbm     Cm               Bbm
I could be a cowboy.  Or just a hired hand.
Cm               Bbm     Cm               Bbm
Twisters come in rearrange the land.

C#             Cm               Fm                   Bb
Pick me up and throw me west, a thousand miles from home.
    C#            Cm               Cm          Bbm
I'm dreaming up a fix I'm the American.
Bbm            Cm
        Uh huh
Bbm            Cm
        Uh huh

C               F
        Aboline old New Mexico
C               F
High and dry...Flagstaff Arizone
Bb            F
Cool water, sipping silver stream
C                   Cm                         Bbm            
This is my...American Dreeeeeeeaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeieeeeeeeeeeee

Cm                Bbm     Cm                   Bbm
I knew a sqaw in Winslow who swears by candelight
Cm                       Bbm
She said she'd leave the back door
Cm             Bbm

C#                  Cm
Three weeks pay will keep me off
    Fm                 Bb
The wrong side of the law
    C#              Cm
I'm dreaming up a fix
C#                 Cm              Cm       Bbm
Getting somewhere quick I'm the American         uh huh

Fade out with Cm and Bbm
have fun.
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