Martin Sexton – Gypsy Woman chords

Intro: F  E  Am  D/F#


F E Am D/F#I was a fool I was so much younger then
F E AmThe night she took me by surprise
F E Am D/F#I should have known all the trouble that I'd be in
F E AmBut then she hooked me with those eyes
F E Am D/F#Her drink was gin as she said tonight would never end
F E AmBut her love weighed so heavy on my mind
F E Am D5For she was the live-in lover of a drummer I called my friend
F E DShe weren't nothing but a gypsy in disguise
F E Am D/F#Gypsy woman how'd you do that to me
F E Am Am/G Am/F Am/EGypsy woman stole my heart and then you set me free
F E Am D/F#Gypsy woman how'd you learn to like that
F E AmGypsy woman come on back
F E Am D/F#Spending my wages on rose and wine
F E AmWe'd ride the days and we'd dance the nights
F E Am D/F#The things we could do in my old VW
F E AmThe city lights never seemed so bright from the reservoir
F E Am D/F#And my friends they would warn me saying she's one fickle queen
F E AmBetter get out while the getting is good my friend
F EAnd besides her old drummer man is looking
Am D/F#And he's so big and bad and mean
F E F EBut what I didn't know then is what I know too well
F E DShe played me like a violin
F G AmSo you tell me that you're leaving me now
F G AmAfter all the times that we have been through
F G AmAs your clown how am I gonna ever go home
F G DSomebody tell me what am I gonna do
F EAnd so it goes I lost my pride
Am D/F#And I lost my job
F E AmThis gypsy woman took nearly every thing I called my own
AmIt was a big surprise
F E Am DSo next time she comes dancing prancing through the town
F EGonna recognize the gypsy
F EI'm gonna recognize the gypsy
F E AmGonna recognize the gypsy in disguise
To give it an ending that is more like one of Martin Sexton’s live versions of this song, play something like this. Give it a little Gypsy style.
I would take it into something like this and progressively go faster each time I go through it.
E-----------------------------------------------------------|B---1-----3-----5------6------5--------3-------5-------3----|G---2-----4-----5------7------5--------4-------5-------4----| Repeat as desiredD-----------------------------------------------------------|A-0------------0------------0----------------0--------------|E-------0-----------0--------------0-----------------0------|
End with this:
E --------------------------------------------|B ---1-------1---------1---------1----------1-|G ------------------------------------------2-|D ------------------------------------------2-|A -0----------------------------------------0-|E --------3--------1------------0-----------0-|
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