Martina Mcbride – Goodbye tab

Tab by 		- Erik Gerner

Capo on the 1st Fret
G   C  (riff a)       G    C (riff a)

G  		          C    (riff a)
Occurred ....
G				Em      F#/D   
C			 G   (riff b)		
Em		      F#/D       C
G			C  (riff a)
G	 		 Em    F#/D  
C			 G    (riff b)	
Em				F#/D	C

        Cadd9 		G
And I wonder .....
           C	     			D
 	C			Em
 	C		    D

(verse 2)

chorusfollowed byC-D-C-D--------at the end of the song use C - D - C - D as nesessary
(riff a) - *capo the 1st FretE------------------------3----B------------------------------G----------------------- 0----D-----------------0-----------A----0 h 2--3----------------E------------------------------
(riff b)E----------------B----------------G----------------D----------------A-------0----2--E---3------------
Chord file *capo first fret G = 320003 C = 032010 Em = 022000 F#/D = 200232 Cadd9 = 032013 D = 000232 That's all folks !!! and thank you Martina for sharing with us such a touching song. I am forever grateful !!!
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