Marty Robbins – Theyre Hanging Me Tonight chords

A pretty cool song that wasn't here when I looked for it and the chords I found online 
weren't very accurate (Not saying these will be 100% either, but I like them better than 
what I found.)

F:  xx3211
Dm: xx0231
A#: x13331

Note: This can also be played with a capo on the 5th fret and by playing the open chords 
of C, Am and F from there (Actually F, Dm and A#, but they look like the open chords from the capo).
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4/4 Intro: F Dm A# F
F DmWhen I hear the rain a comin' down
F Dmit makes me sad and blue
F DmWas on a rainy night like this
A# Fthat Flo said we were through.
F DmI told her how I loved her,
F Dmand I begged her not to go
F DmBut another man had changed her mind
A# Fso I said goodbye to Flo.
F DmAlone within my cell tonight
F Dmmy heart is filled with fear
F DmThe only sound within the room
A# Fis the falling of each tear.
F DmI think about the thing I've done,
F DmI know it wasn't right
F Dm A# FThey'll bury Flo tomorrow, but they're hanging me tonight,
A# FThey're hanging me tonight!
That night he came and took my Flo and headed in to town I knew I had to find this man and try to gun him down As I walked by a dim cafe and I looked through the door I saw my Flo with her new love and I couldn't stand no more, I couldn't stand no more. I took my pistol from my hip and with a trembling hand I took the life of pretty Flo and that good for nothin' man That good for nothin' man! I think about the thing I've done I know it wasn't right They'll bury Flo tomorrow, but they're hanging me tonight, They're hanging me tonight.
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