Poison Words chords with lyrics by Mary Black - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Mary Black – Poison Words chords

G   Em   C   Am7  D7

N.C. G Em CI remember when we were sweethearts
Am7 D7I was safe with you, you were my protector
N.C. G Em CThose days were over and I need someone
Am7 D7Someone to keep me safe from you
C AmLove was all we had, we were young and sure
C D G DWho'd expect their love would turn to war?
G D/F# Em CI don't know who to pity more
Am7 DHow much pain can love endure?
N.C. G Em CI should leave you, but I can't seem to
Am7 D7You say, "I'm sorry, dear", and I believe you
G Em CAnd though the next time may be the worst yet
Am7 D7How easily I forgive, how quickly you forget
C Am CThe poison words, the ugliness
D G DWhen low on hope and deep in debt
G D/F# Em CThe promises that bring regret
Am7 DFor loving you, is this all I get?
[Instrumental] C Am C D G D G D/F# Em C Am7 D [Verse]
C Am CThe poison words, the ugliness
D G DThe cold remains of married bliss
G D/F# Em CTo all our dreams, a fatal kiss
Am7 D7Oh, what kind of love is this?
[Outro] G Em C Am7 D7 x3
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