Masters Apprentices – Living In A Childs Dream tab

LIVING IN A CHILDS DREAM - masters apprentices

INTRO: A    G    G/F#    A    G    G/F#    A

INTRO RIFF: (2x) e|----------------------| B|--------------------------| G|-1-2-1-----0--0-----------| D|-------2-4------4-2-------| A|--------------------------| E|--------------------------|
VERSE 1: A Bm See the windows in the greenhouse D Dm A They're painted yellow like the doors A Bm See the child who sits in wonder D Dm A At this brightly coloured scene CHORUS: C#m G#m See the clown who makes the children laugh F# E F# As he spins around and shows them all his tricks C# B Oh how I wish I was a little boy again F# E F# Living in a Childs Dream VERSE 2: A Bm See the mountains made of ice cream D Dm A With cherries dotted on their slopes A Bm And over there's a chocolate tree trunk D Dm A With mint leaves hanging from the bows CHORUS
INTERLUDE: (2x) e|-5-4-2-0-2-0----------------------------------0---| B|-------------3-2-3-3----------------------2-3----------------| G|--------------------------------0-2-4-2-4--------------------| D|--------------------------0-2-4------------------------------| A|----------------------2-4------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------|
VERSE 3: A Bm A land of fairy tales and good things D Dm A Is all a child will dream all day A Bm And while he's young he'll have no reason D Dm A To cry for someone gone away CHORUS INTERLUDE
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