Mat Kearney – Runaway tab

Mat Kearney

This is my tab for his new song Runaway. I know that this is not 100%, but
 there isn't a tab for it yet and I wanted to get the ball rolling. Please,
 if you think I tabbed anything wrong, write a comment. Also, the lyrics
 might be off somewhat. He has not officially released them yet. Thanks.

No Capo

INTRO(fade in) F#m D A Ee-0-0-2-2-5-5-2-2-0-0-9-9-7-7-5-5-0-0-2-2-5-5-2-2-0-0-7-7-5-5-4-4-|B-----------------------------------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------------------------------| Play 5xD-----------------------------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Chords Used (on the D and A, I like to mute the high e) F#m D A E B#m E5e-2- e-0- e--- e-0- e-0- e-2- e-0-|B-2- B-3- B-3- B-2- B-0- B-3- B-0-|G-2- G-2- Or G-2- G-2- G-1- G-4- G-9-|D-4- D-0- D-0- D-2- D-2- D-4- D-9-|A-4- A--- A--- A-0- A-2- A-2- A-7-|E-2- E--- E--- E--- E-0- E--- E---|
Verses It has a 4/4 beat to it. Pretty simple pattern. The words that correspond to the chord changes from the first lines are as follows. F#m D A E Tonight...Under....Which....This Bridge Same chord progression here. Hold D for transition to chorus F#m D Nobody knows the the trouble we've seen and A E Nobody knows the price of this dream and F#m D Nobody knows what it took to believe, nobody Chorus A She wants to be free, F#m D Like a runaway, Aye Aye Aye A Trying to believe, F#m D Going to find a way, Aye Aye Aye A B#m We got just one life, D E Tonight we are burning all the lights A B#m Trying to break free, D E Like a runaway, Aye Aye Aye Play second half of intro for the transition Verse Chorus Bridge 2: F#m D A Ohh, ohh ohh F#m D A Ohh, ohh ohh F#m D A We're singin how'd we make it this far F#m D A Riding on a shooting star F#m D A It's like we're flyin on the wings of God D E5 A (I like to make an E or E5 She wants to be free transition between the A & D) Chorus (skip first line of lyrics, but still play A) F#m D Like a runaway, Aye Aye Aye.... Outro
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