These Hard Times tab with lyrics by Matchbox Twenty - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Matchbox Twenty – These Hard Times tab

OK, this is my first tab on here. I searched the internet 
far and wide for the harmonics that Kyle Cook plays throughout the song. 
I figured out the harmonics and thought I had to post them.

The only way I've worked it out is by changing the tuning 
which seems to make the fingering look the same as it does in their live performances.

I've also dropped the low E to D to make it more accessible as an acoustic performance. 
Whether Kyle has done the full detune, I'm not sure, but it still gives a great 
open sound if you wanna do the song solo - up to you. 

Either way, the important part here is getting the harmonics. 

Tuning: DADABE

Obviously, so far we know the intro and verse chords are:

| D | G | Bm | G |


E |-----------------------------|B |---------(7)-------------(7)-|A |-(5)-(7)-----(5)-(7)---------|D |---------------------(5)-----|A |-----------------------------|D |-----------------------------|
And that's it! It gets reversed digitally later in the song I think as well. Pretty cool if you pick it up.
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