Matmatah – Emma tab

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Emma - La Ouache
tabbed by Erwann Guirriec

                           MATMATAH -  Emma
                           Standard Tunning


play this twice then, the 1st verse:
play this tab 4 times, with these lyrics: "Et ma t?l? est allum?e Emma t' es l? et dire que ma journ?e est ? peine entam?e Emma tu m' as d?j? scotch? au canap? Emma t' es vraiment 10 fois plus belle que Tara" Bridge:
2nd verse: (play with the tab) "Emma comment fais-tu pour ?tre aussi s?re de toi? Tes coups de pied m' ont quelque peu ?mascul? Emma je t' en pris, rend moi ma virilit? Emma, t' es vraiment 100 fois plus belle que Tara" Bridge ( play the tab) 3rd verse: (play the tab) "Emma t' es belle, et ma copine elle t' aime pas Emma t' es bonne et ma pile va bient?t claquer Emma t' es froide comme le carrelage de mes WC Emma t' es vraiment 100 fois plus belle que Tara" "Emma" (x4) ... stop playing while singing this. Then: Em D G Cmaj7 "Emma y-a-y-a Emma y-a-? play this twice Emma y-a-y-a Emma y-a-a" 4th verse: Em D G Cmaj7 "Et ma t?l? va exploser, Emma tais toi Et dire que pour toi j' aurai g?ch? ma sant? Emma t' as m?me pas r?ussi ? me soulager Emma t' es vraiment p?rim?e rhabilles toi!" Em D G Cmaj7 "Emma y-a-y-a Emma y-a-? play this twice Emma y-a-y-a Emma y-a-a" "Emma y-a-y-a Emma y-a-? (x2) play with the bridge part Emma y-a-y-a Emma y-a-a" Em D G Cmaj7 "Emma y-a-y-a Emma y-a-? sing this once, without playing guitar Emma y-a-y-a Emma y-a-a" then play the chords while singing this twice ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this is the first time i' am tabbing a song... well it's been 6 months since I started playing guitar but this is quite easy and I think this is 100 % correct... That' s the way I play it anyway.. suggests, comments, correction, e-mail me...
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