Matt Cardle – When We Collide tab

X Factor winners Matt Cardles new song 'when we collide'
a cover of Biffy Clyros 'many of horror'

Lots of other tabs for this tune are played in half step and drop d tuning, after 
and playing to this version I think its pretty much standard tuning, and also played without 
open D string.

Best to pick the Verse/Intro and Pre Chorus
Strum the Chorus and Bridge for better effect!
While picking keep picking the last note in each riff
you'll notice it sounds more like the record.


CHORUS D When we collide we come together Bm G If we don't we'll always be apart D I'll take a bruise, I know you're worth it Bm G When you hit me, hit me hard BRIDGE A Bm 'Cos you said our love G A Is letting us go, guess what D Our future is for A Many of horror Bm Our future's for A Many of horror
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