Matt Costa – Road tab

No capo

intro: F,C,G,C

  F     C     G         C       F                    C             G   
 Don't talk, don't say nothin, i've just packed my things and im headed for

  C              Am       G            F           C         F       C
 somethin. But where im goin, well i dont really know, the road is callin

      G          C             Am       G        F         C      
 so i've got to go, yes, the road is callin so i've go to go. 

 Am, G, C,

F         C               G              C          Am         G    
We bid farewell, as the winds blew like hell, said we'd meet again like

         F       C       Am      G      C    F          C           F
some storybook tale, but no we don't, talk,we don't say nothin. I'll just

           C             G          C          Am          G             F
pack my things and go headed for something, but where i's headed,well i didn

       C      F        C             G        C           Am          G 
reall say. the road was callin, and i's on my way, yes the road was callin

    F         C    
and i's on my way.           F, C, G, C,: Am,G,F,C,: Am, G,C,

                             then: Am,Am,Am,Am:C,C,C,C:F,F,F,F:G,G,G,G


F          C     G        C             F            C               G 
So don't talk, don't say nothin, i'll just grab my things and pretend like

            C       Am        G             F           C       F 
theres nothin. Between us nomore, as i walked out the door, she closed it 

 C              G             C     Am           G         F        C       
behind me and cried on the floor.and i couldnt talk, no i couldnt say nothin

  F                 C              G                C            Am      G
ill just close my eyes and head blindley towards somethin. cuz where im goin

          F          C        F         C        G          C          F 
well, i dont really know. the road is callin so ive got to go, yes the road

      C       G          C
is callin so ive got to go.     F,C,G,C

thats my first tabs hope you guys enjoy it!
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