Matt Goss – Fly tab

Tabbed: ' Lycan '

Song: Fly
Artist: Matt Goss

it's a shame no onehas written a tab for this song yet, it's fucking excellent. well
hope you all enjoy it, this is just the basic's i can't be arsed to give out all
the detailes, it's easy to learn the basiuc's of the song and then go and play
around while listening to it.

the whole song is based around the chords Am, C??, G, D. with the fill at the end of
some of them you need to listen out for and some harmonic's other then that it's
piss easy. worked it out in 20 minutes.


 * Harmonics
() Extra note you don't have'to use.
 h Hammer On

Am: C?? G DE -------- E -------- E ---3---- E --(2)---|B ---1---- B ---1---- B ---3---- B ---3----|G ---2---- G -------- G -------- G ---2----|D ---2---- D --(2)--- D -------- D --------|A -------- A ---3---- A -------- A --------|E -------- E -------- E ---3---- E --------|
The Basic Finger Picking Part (Intro)
(Fill)E ---------------------------------------------2h3h2-|B -1----1---3--1----1---3---1-----1----3---3---------|G ---------------------------------------------------|D ---------------------------------------------------|A -0--0---0----3--3---3--------------------0---------|E ---------------------------3--3---3----------------|
and the whole song Matt just plays those 5 chords, Am, C??, G, and Dthrough out, the rythem is really simple. then the have the harmonics down the 5th Fret where he stops at G (you need to listen out for them.)
E ---5*----|B ---5*----|G ---5*----|D ---------|A ---------|E ---------|
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any questions and comments, give me a bell viva e-mail at Flame are always welcome, this is my first tab so enjoy.
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