Tall Trees tab with lyrics by Matt Mays - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Matt Mays – Tall Trees tab

Song: Tall Trees
Artist: Matt Mays & El Torpedo
Album: Terminal Romance
Tabbed by: Chris Legge
Email: legge7@hotmail.com

Standard Tuning

Intro Riff:E |-------------------------------------------------------------------|B |-------------------------------------------------------------------|G |--------------------------------------0----------------------------|D |--------------5-4-3-2-----------0h2--------------------------------|A |---(5)(4)(3)(2)--------------0-2-3---------------------------------|E |---3-2-1-0-------------------------------3-------------------------|
Intro Chords: Em C G Verse Chords: G C G Young leaf, From the seed that was sown. G C G Two hundred years in the ground.
Little fill between chords:E |----3-------------------------------------------|B |------------------------------------------------|G |------------------------------------------------|D |----------------------2-------------------------|A |----2-----------------2-------------------------|E |----3----3--2--1------0-------------------------|..in the ground.. ...Tall Trees Hangin'.......
Em C G Tall trees hangin' over the road G C G Feels like... they're starin' me doooowwwwn Intro Riff Again Verse 2 The rest is pretty much the same. Same chords over and over. You Should be able to figure it out by listening to the song. My first tab by the way, it helped. MM&ET FTW!!!
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