Matt Redman – Through It All chords

Through It All	 							KEY: A
By Matt Redman & Jonas Myrin						(CAPO 2)

G D EmSo many broken promises,
G D EmSo many empty words.
G D EmGod of love and faithfulness,
G D EmHave mercy on this world.
Pre Chorus:
Dm CYou never turn or change,
Cm GYou never break the faith,
Dm CYesterday, today and always.
Am G DThrough it all you are faithful,

Am G DThrough it all you are strong,

Am G DAs we walk through the shadows,

Am G DStill You shine on. (Repeat for Bridge)
G D EmGod of unbroken promises,
G D EmAlways You keep Your word.
G D EmGlory, grace and holiness
G D EmForever to endure
Am G D Am G DYou are fai – th - ful, 
Jesus you are faithful to the end, (Repeat)
Dm C Cm GYou never turn or change, You never break the faith.
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