Matt Redman – 10000 Reasons Bless The Lord chords

10,000 REASONS (Bless The Lord) by Jonas Myrin & Matt Redman

C GBless the Lord, O my soul,
D/F# EmO my soul,
C G Dsus4 DWorship His holy name.
C EmSing like never before,
C D Em0 my soul.
C D C/G G C/G G I'll worship Your holy name.
Verse 1:
C G D EmThe sun comes up, it's a new day dawning;
C G D EmIt's time to sing Your song again.
C G D EmWhatever may pass, and whatever lies before me,
C2 G Dsus4 D G Gsus4 G [to Chorus]Let me be singing when the even- ing comes.
Verse 2:
C G D EmYou're rich in love, and You're slow to anger.
C G D EmYour name is great, and Your heart is kind.
C G D EmFor all Your goodness, I will keep on singing;
C2 G Dsus4 D G Gsus4 G [to Chorus]Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find.
Verse 3:
C G D EmAnd on that day when my strength is failing,
C G D EmThe end draws near, and my time has come;
C G D EmStill my soul will sing Your praise unending:
C2 G Dsus4 D G Gsus4 G [to Chorus]Ten thousand years and then fore - - vermore!
Em C D EmI'll worship Your holy name.
C D GYes, I'll worship Your holy name.
Written by Matt Redman and Jonas Myrin © 2011 Thankyou Music (PRS) (admin. w
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