Matt Skiba – Next To You tab

Author/Artist: Matt Skiba
Title: Next To You
Album: Split with Kevin Seconds
Transcribed by: Matt/Nrlsky
Aim sn: Q67

I am a purist when it comes to correct tabs.  I usually play alone so it makes sense to 
the song exactly the way Matt plays it solo.  Matt plays it live

sufficiently different than he does in the studio version.  First of all, he plays it a 
step down.  I realized this is because he plays it after he

plays "Good Fucking Bye", which he plays a step down.  So, rather than switch guitars, 
just transposed "Next To You" a half step down.  I personally think

it sounds better.  Please don't complain and say it doesn't sound like the song, because 
is the EXACT way he plays it live.  If you play it with the

studio recording it will clash since it's a half step down, however, play it with the 
version and it will sound correct.  Enjoy.

r=let ring
()=strings lightly strum them so they contribute to the harmony, but becareful they are 
verse=intro/verse with lyrics sung
intro=intro/verse without singing


Second Riff
Chorus Chords E A5 C# Beb--(0)--------------------------------------------------------------------------|Bb--(0)------------------------(0)----------(0)----------------------------------|Gb---1-----------2--------------6------------4-----------------------------------|Db---2-----------2--------------6------------4-----------------------------------|Ab---2-----------0--------------4------------2-----------------------------------|Eb--(0)---------(0)------------(0)----------(0)----------------------------------|
Order Intro x 2 Verse x 3 You're walking the thin line, between here and out of control, but you kept me in mind, Second Riff x 1 you've got the papercuts to prove it, Intro x 2 Verse x 3 and your sea sick smile, screams sweet nausea, seventy six was a good year for me, Second Riff x 1 its been uphill since and... E Don't cry, E or stop to wonder why, A5 we crashed out like thunder, C# on the floor or down from the ceiling, B it's been nice waking up next to you. Intro x 2 Verse x 3 And ya crossed the line, between here and out of this world, ya blow my mind, Second Riff x 1 like a Colt forty five everytime Intro x 2 Second Riff x 1 E Don't cry, E or stop to wonder why, A5 we crashed out like thunder, C# on the floor or down from the ceiling, B it's been nice waking up next to you. E Don't cry, E or stop to wonder why, A5 we crashed out like thunder, C# on the floor or down from the ceiling, B It's been nice waking up to you. Intro x 2 (You) Verse x 1 Second Riff x 1 Outro x 1 And our sea sick smiles screaming home sweet home. Final Notes: If anyone wants to tab out the live version of "The City That Day" or "Soul To Keep" I'd appreciate it. Anyways, if there are any questions, requests, or comments my contact information is up top. Finally, I'd like to thank my friend/wife, Alex-Andra, for reintroducing me to Alkaline Trio and Matt Skiba, and more importantly, for being the lovely wife that I "wake up next to" every morning for the rest of my life<3
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