Matt Travis - The Last Song chords

Irregular Chords List:
CA (alt) (012300)
GA (alt) (010023)

D G CA GAI used to dream about being a star, but never ever seemed to get that far,
G D C GI could never sing the lyrics, Never sing the song, Never keep a rhythm, always played it wrong,
C D C GI'd never be special, Never be great, Just walking alone in a world full of hate
Chorus: CA C GA So you ask me if something's wrong?
CA C GThis is my last ever song. (x2)
Verse 2: (Same chords as the above the chorus section) I used to hope I'd be another one, In a history book on young guns But I never cleaned the barrel, never took aim, Playing for real, in what was just a game I was nothing special, I was nothing great, another statistic of 2008 Chorus Verse 3: I always thought I'd be running hot, but never got off the starting block I could never give more, than I already got, so I guess I got to lose, I've already lost a lot I'm nothing special, nothing unique, another guitarist without a peak Chorus (x2)
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