Matthew Good Band – Born To Kill tab

Born To Kill
Matthew Good Band

Words by matt good, music by matt good and dave genn.  copyright 1999 emi music....yada yada.

tabbed by Greg Dmochowksi

hey all,

this is (IMO) the best song MGB has put out to date.  the ending to this is fucking amazing!
its pretty easy to play, and didnt take too long to tab.  

tuning is half step down like most of the album.  


	E  (x79900)
	C  (x35500)
	Am (577555)
	D  (x57700)


Verses:  E, C, Am  (just play that progression over and over)

Chorus (when matt sings, "its more than the less...."):  C, Am, E, D (repeat that as necessary
and end on C)

and thats it as far as matt's part goes.  for the outro, i find playing the verse progression 
over and over works well.  however, towards the end you cant really tell!


Dave comes in with some really cool distorted, tremolo effect during the verses with the same 
chords as matt.  then after the first chorus (i think...i dont have my cd handy) he goes into:

|-0------------------------------| |-------0-------0-1----1-0-------| |---0-2---2-0-2-------------2-0--| |--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------|
repeat that twice then the third time play
Then repeat that whole thing twice. Also, during the 2nd chorus, dave plays some picking part which is too subtle for me to tab out. all the above stuff should do it until the outro. after the last chorus, Matt goes into verse chords till the end. Dave, on the other hand, goes wild. i didnt bother tabbing the entire thing cuz its pretty useless. just go nuts. what i've included is the beginning of the outro- dave's guitar and the strings. Dave at the beggining of the outro (just strike each chord once):
and here at the strings:
the rest of the song is pretty much all those parts mixed together. there yuo have it. corrections, comments, etc email me at
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