Matthew Good Band – Change Of Season tab

Song: Change of Season
Band: Matthew Good Band
Tabbed by: Mitchell Johnson 

This is one of the best songs from Underdogs
This is pretty well right, but there is part of the solo I couldn't get.
I think it's in standard tuning (but I don't know tunings)

F#5 X5, A#5 X2, C5 X3, A#5 X2, F#5
Play those 3 chords lightly in the intro. It carries into the lead part

RIFF 1 Lead part: played over and over until verse starts
D| 12h10
G|       10

F5         A#5        C5  A#5        F5
If they dropped the bomb, would you love me then
A#5      C5     A#5         F5
If I was wrong, would it be okay
A#5       C5     A#5        F5
Well I can see the holes in everyone
F5      A#5 C5   A#5      F5
A change of sea--son (RIFF 1 enters)

For the second verse play the same power chords with the same timing.
2nd verse
If I found a way to make amends would you say I was too late
Well I can find the holes in anyone, a change of sea--son

Chorus: (again chords played lightly)
C5                               G5
I feel like I'm losing for money, I feel like I'm losing for free
A#5                                            F5
I feel older than the dead angel on my shoulder claims to be
C5                                      G5
I feel like we're drinking and driving, I feel like we're running into walls
A#5                                                              F5
I feel like swimming in your apathy you know I'd love to be your conscience
When it calls

Interlude: D5, C5, so one: --------------------------------------------------------|B: 7--7----5--5-7-5-7-5-3-5-7|-5-7-5-3-5-7--7--7---5-------|G: 7--7----5--------------------------------7--7---5-------|D: 7--7----5--------------------------------7--7---5-------|A: 5--5----3--------------------------------5--5---3-------|E: --------------------------------------------------------|
3rd verse- no guitar If they made me crawl, would you love me then, if I was small Would it be okay, well I can find the need in everyone, a change of season A change of sea--son (on the 2nd season the Matt plays the power chord riff)
(Chorus again)The BIG solo: after 5h3, ?e ---^-8-8------------------------------|-----------|B ---8--8-8-6--5h6h5-3h5h3--5h6h5-3h5h3-|-----------|G 10--------*-------5------------5------|-----------|D **------------------------------------|-----------|
fast fastthene 12-12-12-11-11-11-9-9-9-7-7-7-5-5-3-5-0--^^-^^-----------------------|B -----------------------------------------14-14-13h12h13h14-----------|G ---------------------------------------------------------------------|D ---------------------------------------------------------------------|
after 11, ? thene --13--14--15--14-----13---|-16-16-16-16-16-------|B 11--12--12--12--12-11--11-|-^^-^^-^^-^^-fast-----|G --------------------------|----------------------|D --------------------------|----------------------|
After the solo is the bridge C5 G5 I think that somebody's missing, I think that somebody's missing A#5 F5 I think that somebody's missing, I think that somebody's missing
Ending: ???B 5-7-5-7-5-3-5-7|-5-7-5-3-5-7|-5-7-5-7-9-7-5--7--|G ---------------------------------------------7--|D ---------------------------------------------7--|A ---------------------------------------------5--|
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