Matthews Dave Band - Rhyme & Reason tab

From: Little Timmi 
Subject: TAB:*** Rhyme and Reason*** Dave Matthews Band 

Dave Matthews Band - Rhyme and Reason (From 10-29-92???)

****Played Fast**** (16ths?)

Oh Well, oh well, so here.......

e------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------| -------3-------------------------9--------------| REPEAT -3/5--0--3--0---5---7--x-7-x-7-------10---------| ---------------x---x---x-x-x-x------------------|E--------------6---8----x-8-x-8--8--6------------| ^^^^^^^ This is The litte Scuttle
CHORUS My head....
G C Bb/A# Asus7(+9)e----------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------| ---------------------------------5------| -------5-------5--------3--------5------| -------5(x)----3--------1---------------|E-------3-------------------------5------|
EXIT My Body...
e-----------------| -----------------| -----------------| --7--5--4--2---0-| ---------------2-|E--8--6--5--3-----|
One hint to this song...use lots of muting and sliding. sean spicer
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