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Matti Caspi – Yeled Asur tab

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Date:     Sat,  30 Dec 95 16:25 +0300
Subject:  TAB: yeled assur by Mati Caspi

yeled asur yeled mutar
by Mati Caspi
play  three times: lyrics start at the 2nd time,
(where the * is placed).
i think these are the correct words, but tell me if i'm wrong.

intro * (x3)E-----0-5-3------0-4-----0-4-3-------0-4------0-1-------------------------|B---1----------1-------1-----------1--------1-----3-0--------0-1-3-3------|G-2----------2-------2-----------2--------2-----------2----2--------------|D--------------------------------------------------------2----------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E---------*---------------------------------------------------------------| yeled-ba el ha-olam, aba kam ve-ne'elam...
G Dm C Em ( yeled assur, yeled muttar, al tishkach,) G Dm C Em yeled shavur, yeled mal'ach... Eb Bb Dm6 Dm4 A C#m yeled muzar, yeled yakar lech-yashar F#m F#m7 F7 Am, and intro again... yeled assur, yeled muttar .
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