Max Bemis – Waster chords

Max Bemis
Max Bemis and the Painful Splits

(1) During the verse, the Dsus4-D means that the normal length for one chord is split 
between the two.
It's just a stylistic thing, not really necessary but more like the recording.
(2) In the chorus he plays Em7 8 times and Cadd9 4 times at normal tempo, then 7 double 
time stopping short.
But I'm sure you could pick it up if you listen to it.
(3) I'm not sure if there is actually a Cadd9 in the verse, but I think so.
It feels like it belongs, and it sounds good, so whatever.

I've tried to make this as exact as possible, but these are some pretty lo-fi recordings 
and Youtube vids so it's hard to make out some of it.
It works for playing the song, but if you have something better, correct me.
Don't just whine or berate me if you think it's wrong. Thanks!

Standard Tuning

Em7   (022033)
Cadd9 (x32033)
G     (320033)
Dsus4 (xx0233)
D     (xx0232)

Em7 Cadd9I seem to split my jeans
G Dsus4-DWith each stride that I take
Em7 Cadd9Muddled by the past
G Dsus4-DAnd the ghosts of my mistakes
Em7 Cadd9With coffee as my fuel
G Dsus4-DOr a zombie's lurching stance
Em7 Cadd9I pace and pry away
G Dsus4-DWith the devil's idle hands
Em7 Cadd9And I waste it all on dreams
Em7 Cadd9Waste it all on dreams
Em7 Cadd9Waste it all on dreams
Em7 Cadd9Waste it all on dreams
Em7 Cadd9God is in the sky
G Dsus4-DAnd He's annoyed by my true voice
Em7 Cadd9I choose to let Him down
G Dsus4-DAs if there ever were a choice
Em7 Cadd9How am I even loved?
G Dsus4-DHow am I a married man?
Em7 Cadd9Why do they even care
G Dsus4-DWhy I'm allowed to start a band?
(Chorus) Solo: Verse chords x2 Here's what I play. It may not be exact, but you get the idea. It's just supposed to be the melody. In terms of leads I have no clue as to what Max is ever doing, nothing I do ever sounds exactly right. (I've only tabbed the high strings because it's easier to read)
E|-------------------------------------------|B|-(5-7)/8~-10-8-7-5~--5-7-8~-7~-8~-10~-7~~--|G|-------------------------------------------| x2D|-------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------|notes in () only played second time.~ means hold the note out.
(Chorus) End on Cadd9.
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