Max Boyce - Hyms And Arias chords

And we were (F) singing hymns and (C) arias,
'Land of my (G) Fathers', 'Ar hyd y (C) nos'.

We (C)paid our weekly shilling for that (G)January (C)trip:
A (C)long weekend in London, aye, (G)without a bit of (C)kip.
There's a (F)seat reserved for beer by the (C)boys from (G)Aber(C)carn:
There's (F)beer, (F#)pontoon, (G)crisps and fags and a croakin 'Calon (C)Lan'


Into Paddington we did roll with an empty crate of ale
Will has lost at cards and now his Western Mail's for sale
But Will is very happy though his money all has gone:
He swapped five photos of his wife for one of Barry John.


We told the guard that we're from Wales, and asked 'Is Twickers far?'
He said "You can catch a 48 man, but it isn't very far"
On the bus were boys from Blaina who'd been to see the Queen
So we had a quick Gymanfa, aye, it was the greatest London's seen.


We got to Twickers early and were jostled in the crowd
Planted leeks and dragons, looked for toilets all around
So many there we couldn't budge - twisted legs and pale
I'm ashamed we used a bottle that once held bitter ale.


Wales defeated England in a fast and open game
We sang "Cwm Rhondda" and "Delilah", damn, they sounded both the same:
We sympathized with an Englishman whose team was doomed to fail
So we gave him that old bottle that once held bitter ale!

Chorus:  He started singing...

So it's down to Soho for the night, to the girls with the shiny beads
To the funny men with lipstick on, with evil minds and deeds
One said to Will from a doorway dark, damn, she didn't have much on
But Will knew what she wanted, aye ... his photo of Barry John! 

Chorus x2:  Cos she was singing...
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