Maxine Nightingale - Lead Me On chords

C Am Em I have often heard you say, you love me as a friend.
Dm But I love you more than anyone.
F/G You know I cant pretend no longer,
C Am I would give you anything.
Em I'd throw my world away.
Dm But you don't wanna hear that anymore,
F/G And you wanna hear me say.
Am Em Am Em Come on and lead me on, come on and tease me all night long.
Dm Loving you, I know it's right.
F/G I'll always need you, I'll never leave you.
Am Em Am Em Come on and lead me on, tease me all night long.
Dm I'd rather be a fool with a broken heart,
F/G C Em F F/G Than someone who never had a part of you.
C Am Em You know I told you from the start, exactly how I feel.
Dm Time goes on, it seems nothing has changed.
F/G I'm in love with you.
C Am Em We have never played the games that real lovers do.
Dm So maby we are better off. But baby,
F/G I'd still like this from you.
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