Maxwell - Pretty Wings chords

Made a few changes to this because I haeard something completely different. Hopefully 
this is right.

Capo 4th fret


Am FTime will be the real end of our trials
Em F COne day there'll be no remnants no trace no residual feelings within ya
F Em FOne day you won't remember it
_Pre chorus_
Am F EmWoah, you played me dirty. The game was so bad. Toyed with my affliction had
F Cto fill out my prescription for the remedy
F Em FI had to set you free
AmAway from me
Fto see clearly
Emthe way that love can be
F CWhen you are not with me
FI had to live
EmI had to live
FI had to leave
FI had to live
FIf I can't have you
CLet love set you free to fly your pretty wings around.
FPretty wings, your pretty wings, your
Em F CPretty wings. Pretty wings around.
F - Em - F - Am And so on and so forth....Hope you liked it!
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