Maxwell – Pretty Wings chords

I've searched for quite some time, and there are NO TABS or CHORDS for this song, 
so I made some! (=

Capo 4th fret-You repeat the same sequence over and over again: Am, Dm, Em, F. 

For example:


Am DmTime will be the real end of our trials
Em F AmOne day there'll be no remnants no trace no residual feelings within ya
Dm Em FOne day you won't remember it
_Pre chorus_
Am Dm Em Woah, you played me dirty. The game was so bad. Toyed with my affliction had
F Am to fill out my prescription for the remedy
Dm Em FI had to set you free
AmAway from me
Dmto see clearly
Emthe way that love can be
F AmWhen you are not with me
DmI had to live
Em I had to live
F I had to leave
Am I had to live
Am DmIf I can't have you
Em FLet love set you free to fly your pretty wings around.
Am Dm EmPretty wings, your pretty wings, your
FPretty wings. Pretty wings around.
And so on and so forth....Hope you liked it! -Tbrooks2012 (=
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