Mccartney Paul – So Bad tab

			     So Bad - Making April
Tabbed by: John Micallef

Tuning: Standard

Tab of the new Making April song "So Bad", the demo of which is here:



Fairly simple, strum pattern is DDUDUDU. It's sounds really nice if you 
accentuate the lower strings on the first chord change...

INTRO (Guitar 2) I'm not sure at all if this is right since I don't know anybody else who can play but this might work for you if you do for a bit of harmony... Or you may want to play it instead of the verse by yourself...
VERSE This sounds really good if you play by yourself. The strum pattern would be DD (appegio) DU. (Hopefully you get what I mean)
CHORUS Same as intro...
FILL This is the bit after the chorus and meant to be played on the second guitar. I know this isn't right, your choice whether to use it but it adds a bit of variation you might like... Just appegiate the three higher strings of the intro chords... Play this once through then onto the second verse...
End on an E LYRICS You were here when i wrote this one so when you hear it you'll know that it's yours you were high as a bird perched beside me listening closely mesmerized by the words that i would sing to you through your headphones oh you looked so damn cute in those headphones just a quick hello but you'd soon go And i miss you so bad I miss you so so bad And i need you so bad I need you so so bad I need you so bad. These four just the same chords i would use every time you would tell me baby write this one about me you'd never catch me i'm stealing last night's story oh but i doubt you really cared at all no not at all you're the muse in my life when you leave i'll die will you keep me alive? Chorus You look right and i stare back and i'm finding refuge in your eyes there's nothing i wouldn't do right now to be sure i dont lose you this time. Chorus | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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