Mclean Don – Till Tomorrow tab

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"Till tomorrow" from the album "American pie"

by Don McLean

This is kind of relaxing tune and rather simple to play. Note the tuning
(Open bE) The rythme may be a bit tricky at first, but keep at it...
There are alot of violins in the tune which makes it hard to hear the
guitar in some parts, but this sounds correct. Try it and see, tell me
what you think. Listen to the album otherwise this TAB is useless.

The lyrics follow after the TAB...

Have fun!

Methode for tuning to open bE quickly:

The g string (3rd) is the only string that remains the same
from standard tuning. This string is used as a starting point.
Follow the steps below in the listed order. The string on the
left hand side of the equals sign (=) is string to be tuned.
The string on the right hand side is the referance note.

Tuning: 2nd string = 3rd string, 3rd fret (tune down)
	1st string = 2nd string, 5th fret (tune down)
	6th string = 1st string           (tune down)
	5th string = 6th string, 7th fret (tune up)
	4th string = 5th string, 5th fret (tune up)

Till tomorrow.

Intro: Verse:bE |---------------|------------------------------------------------------|bB |-----0-------0-|-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0------| G |-----0-------1-|-------0-------1-------0-------1-------0-------1--etc-|#D |-----------0---|-----0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0--------|#A |---0-----2-----|---0-------2-------0-------2-------0-------2----------|bE |-0-----0-------|-0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0------------|
Chorus 1:
bE -----------------------------------------------------------------------|bB --2---------2---------2---------2--------0--------4--------------------| G --0----0----0----0----0----0----0--------1--------3--------------------|#D --0----4----0----4----0----4----0------0---0----2---2------------------|#A --2---------2---------2---------2-------------0------------------------|bE -------4---------4---------4---------2---------------------------------|
Chorus 2:
bE -----------------------------------------------------------------------|bB -2------0---4----2------0---4----2------0---4----2------0--------4-----| G -0--0-0---0---0--0--0-0---0---0--0--0-0---0---0--0------1--------3-----|#D -0--4------------0--4------------0--4------------0----0---0----2---2---|#A -2---------------2---------------2---------------2-----------0---------|bE ----4---------------4---------------4---------------2------------------|
The high e and b (bE & bB) are faintly heard in the verse. The bass strings are the most important. After every chorus the intro is played once. The xylohone part for guitar (At the end) For playing the song with two guitarists.
bE --4--2--0-----------------(0)-|bB -----------2--0-------0-------| G ------------------------------|#D -------------------0----------|#A -----2------------------------|bE --0-----------0---------------|
Till tomorrow 1.Verse What can this be - can you tell me Would you like to discover Why we're not free - to be lovers I've been wanting to ask you 1.Chorus Where has all the love gone And what have we become Storm clouds full of thunder Move silent as they drum 2.Verse And when they're gone, we'll be fine - till tommorrow Oh I hope it won't rain You will be mine - and my sorrow Will take wings in the morning 2.Chorus High above the heavens A rainbow paints the sky White doves sing their songs of love I watch them as they fly - and wonder 3.Verse What can this be - can you tell me Would you like to discover Why we're not free - to be lovers... Guitar part and lyrics transcribed by: Lee Francis Wilhelmsen 19(C)94.
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