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Mclean – Broken chords

Bm GYours was the perfect love
DI swear it was
A BmUntil I had your love, my world was cold
G DI did what most men do, and I messed it up
A Bm But when I got you back, my world was whole
GThe player thing I let it go
DThought our life was set in stone
A BmBut it wasn't, and I'm here alone
GNothing is in front of me
DI feel I can't even breathe
ADon't think that I can handle this
BmBaby I'm so
GI'm so in agony
DLook at the state of me
A BmLeft here, broken
GYou said you'd never leave
D Look what you've done to me
A BmLeft here, broken
(and so on)
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