Black As The Night tab with lyrics by Medicine For The People - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Medicine For The People – Black As The Night tab

Nahko Bear (Medicine For The People) - Black As The Night

epicly beautiful song.
keeping this tab real simple, apologies - thought it would be more useful to get the 
chords online than me spend hours trying to write the whole song and never get it out there!
check out for the strumming pattern and 
timing of the chords. feel free to take this tab and improve it, fix mistakes, add hammer-ons 
and other details in the amazing nahko bear's performance, etc.

Open D
D A D F# A D


D | o-------o-------o-------o-----12-----------|A | o-------o-------o-------o-----12-----------|F#| o-------o-------1-------o-----12-----------|D | o-------o-------o-------o-----12-----------|A | o-------o-------2-------o-----12-----------|D | o-------o-------o-------o-----12-----------| harmonic
D | o--o--o---------o--o--o-----12---|A | o--o--o---------o--o--o-----12---|F#| 5--7--8---------7--5--o-----12---| x 4D | o--o--o---------o--o--o-----12---|A | 5--7--9---------7--5--o-----12---|D | o--o--o---------o--o--o-----12---| harmonic
D | o------- o-------|A | o------- o-------|F#| 1------- o-------|D | o------- o-------|A | 2------- o-------|D | o------- o-------|
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