Meeks Travis – Shelf In The Room tab

Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 13:04:29 PST
From: Steve Becker 
Subject: Tab: "shelf in the room"

Steve Becker 

"Shelf in the Room"
Written by Travis Meeks
Transcribed by Steve Becker and Chris York
Tabbed by Steve Becker

Tuning: Db-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Db

-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|---2-----2-------4-----4---5^4---4-| Part 'A'-----0-----0-------0---------------|-----------------------------------|-0-----3-----3/5-----5---5-----5---|
-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|---2-----2-------4-----------------|-----0-----0-------0---0-----0---0-| Part 'B'-----------------------------------|-0-----3-----3/5-----5---5-5---3---|
---------0-------------------------|---3-------3-----0-----------------|-----2-------------4---4---5^4---4-| Part 'C'-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|-0-----3-----3/5-----5---5-----5---|
-----------------------------------|-3-----3---3---0-------------------|-2-----2---2---4-------------------|-0-----0---0---0-------------0---0-| Part 'D'-0-----0---0---5-------------------|-0-----3---3---5-----5-5-5-5---3---|
-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|---2---5-------4-----4-----4---4---| Part 'E'-0---0---0-0-0---0-0---0-0---0-----|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|
-------------------0-----0---0-----|-2-----2---2-------3-----3---3-----|-3-----3---3---4---4-----4---4-----| 'CHORDS'-0-----0---0---0---0-----0---0-----|-0-----0---0---5---5-----5---5-----|-0-----3---3---5---5-----5---5-----|
Order: A A A B Intro B B B C " A A A B Verse E E E C Chorus (-B B A B Verse ( C C C D " ( CHORDS Chorus ( CHORDS " ( E E E E Break (-A B A D (-B B A B Verse ( C C C D " ( CHORDS Chorus ( CHORDS " ( CHORDS Solo ( E E E E Break (-A B A D Verse A A A Outro I separated the parts above to show how the song's parts are arranged. If you look, you will notice that the middle two sections are the same. Also, the music under the first verse and chorus is NOT the same as the rest of the verses and choruses. Very very sneaky!!! :) (And he almost got away with it!!!) Enjoy! :)! P.S. For part 'E', there are some different things you can play that still fit. Here's my favorite:
I like to play this part finger-picked, so I can really hit that bass note hard. It accentuates the timing, and it sounds great!
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