Monster chords with lyrics by Meg And Dia - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Meg And Dia – Monster chords

Hey guys this is my first chord sheet but i got tired of not being able to play this 
song correctly so this is actually how you play monster by meg and dia enjoy everyone (=

F#m    2 4 4 2 2 2
Asus4  x x 0 2 3 0
A      5 7 7 6 5 5
A2     x 0 2 2 2 0
B x 2 4 4 4 0F#m2 9 11 11 10 9 9
Dmaj9 10 0 11 11 10 0 C#m x 4 6 6 5 4 E 0 2 2 1 0 0 D x 5 7 7 7 5 E2 0 7 9 9 9 7 Intro F#m Asus4 F#m Asus4
F#m Asus4His little whispers, Love Me. Love Me.
F#m Asus4That's all I ask for, Love Me. Love Me.
F#m A Asus4 A2
B F#mHe battered his tiny fists to feel something.
F#m A Asus4 A2 BWondered what it's like to touch and feel something.
[Chorus] F#m2 Monster.
Dmaj9How should I feel?
ACreatures lie here.
C#mLooking through the window...
(Bridge) F#m Asus4 F#m Asus4
F#mThat night he caged her
Asus4Bruised and broke her.
F#mHe struggled closer.
Asus4Then he stole her.
F#m Avoilet wrists and then her ankles
Asus4 A2 B F#mSilent Pain
F#m AThen he slowly saw their nightmares
Asus4 A2 BWere his dreams.
Asus4How should I feel?
A2Creatures lie here
C#mLooking through the windows
F#mI will
Asus4Hear their voices.
A2I'm a glass child.
EI am Hannah's regrets.
(Bridge 2) F#m E F#m A D C#m D E2 F#m E F#m A D C#m D E2 F#m2 Monster.
Dmaj9Tell me secrets.
ATurn the sheets down.
C#mMurder ears with pillow lace.
F#mThere's bath tubs
DFull of glow flies.
ABathe in kerosene
E2 F#mTheir words tattoed in his veins, yeah.
i will edit this as soon a i figure out the plucking for the verses and the first chorus
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