Meg And Dia – Bored Of Your Love chords

I've seen this song tabbed out else where, but the lyrics are always REALLY wrong. 
These are the correct lyrics. 


C-Am-F-G- x2

Verse 1: Dia
CDid you think about
Gwhat i said last night
Fknowing you you
Cprobably didn't
Ci can picture your face
Gon the other side
F C completely oblivious
AmDo you really feel like
Fthis love is real
G i wish i could join you
Chorus 1: Dia
CI'm bored of your love
Gi'm bored of your face
F Gi'm bored of your random
Am Emall over the place
F G attitude i'm bored of you
Interlude: C-Am-F-E Verse 2: Tom Higgenson Sings here
CSo i thought about what
Gyou said last night
Fnormally I
Cprobably wouldn't
Cbut something you said
Gkept me up all night
FI tried to sleep
Cbut I just couldn't
Am FI hope you still feel like this love
Gis for real.. cause I know that I do
Chorus 2: Tom
CI'm in love with your love
Gin love with your face
AmIn love with almost
Feverything that you say
C Gyes its true
Am FI'm in love with you
Chorus 3: Dia
CI'm bored of your love
GI'm bored of your face
AmI'm bored of your random
Amall over the place
C G F G Am attitude I'm bored of you
Em F GI'm in love with you
Bridge: Dia
DmI wish you put effort in
FTrying to make this new
CI would if you asked me
G/BI'll do anything for you
DmI wish we were strangers(it's not like we're strangers)
Gand all the excitement
C G/B Amwe fall in love
Interlude: C-E-Am-G-Dm--G-- Verse 3: Tom: (I guess that's it then)
CCan I take you out
Gjust this one last time
FWe could pretend
CI never met you
CWell I'd love to
Gsounds like a lovely time
FBut I'm sorry, I just
Ccan't let you
CI'm bored of you love
C GI'm bored of you love
AmI'm up to my neck in
Fthis mess and I'm sorry
Chorus 4: Both
CI remember your love
GI'll remember your face
AmWhen its over and done
Fit won't quite be the same
C G Am Fwithout you I remember you
CI remember your love
GI'll remember your face
F GWhen its over and done it
Am Emwon't quite be the same
F G C G F Gwithout you I remember you
C G F G I remember you
CI remember you
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