Megafaun – The Longest Day chords

Simple version, you can probably fit more chords in there.
Capo on 5

Intro (2X, + repeat last part)
Rhythm guitar: G

e -------------------|----------------|--------------|------------|B -----------------0-|1--0------------|--------------|------------|G -2-4h--0-----0-2---|------2--0------|--------------|------------|D ----------0--------|-----------h4p0-|2----------0--|------------|A -------------------|----------------|----2---3-----|------------|E -------------------|----------------|--------------|-3----------|
Dright away
Cwaiting for a sign
D Cwanting you to take my hand
C Gbreathless in the morn
G Cyou'd gone to better lands
Ci just sat there, silent,
D Gas the longest day began
--- gone a day it feels like many years there below the wet tree ground sun gave to moon said "sleep now restless one, cause i ain't never seen a night that didn't have a dawn" --- spring brought rain summer brought the fall fox said goodbye to their homes almost been a year my love for you has grown and this weathered photograph is all i have to show
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