Megan Nicole – B-e-a-utiful chords

                          Megan Nicole -  B-e-a-utiful
F C G Am 

Verse 1

F C She read me the note he left on her bed
G Am FSnuck in her room right after she left
C GAnd put petals on the ground ,
F Her head on his shoulder
C G they walk down the hall
Am F I'm left to wonder will I ever fall in love
C GAnd where is he now
F CShe's with him, I'm in the back seat
G AmKnow it's not right but it hurts when they're laughing
F C GAnd I've never been where they are
AmI wanna be blown away
FI wanna be swept off my feet
C GI wanna meet the one who makes it hard for me to breathe
AmI wanna be lost in love
FI wanna be your dream come true
C GI wanna be scared of how strong I feel for you
Am FJust call me beautiful, Call me beautiful
C G Call me beautiful, Call me b-e-a-utiful Verse 2
F C GFriday night she wore his jersey to the game
Am FIn the front row screamin out his name
C GAs he turns to her and smiles
F C G Every where I look people holding hands
Am FWhen am I gonna get my chance at love
C GMy chance at love
Prechorus 2
F CCuz she's with him, I'm still hurting
G AmTry to pretend but it's not working
F C GI just wanna be where they are
Chorus Bridge
F CMy heart is waiting for your love
F CMy hand is waiting for your touch
C GMy lips just wanna be kissed by you
Am FBeautiful, Call me beautiful
C G Call me beautiful, Call me b-e-a-utiful
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