Mekons – Prince Of Darkness tab

      C    G                Am
And now he is the prince of darkness
     C         G                     Am
He holds old friends in such high esteem
    C      G            Am               F
He sees a red town and wants it painted black
         C            F          C   
For the Catholic girls  at Halloween

Well he said to me, I've waited seven years
And I am a very patient man
After all those things that you've gone and done
I still need someone to tell

His pleasures were a mystery to us all
You'd never see him out after dawn
In a German seaport town, he takes his coffee in the red light
And now he is the prince of darkness

FILL RIFF - last 6 notes below optional before 1ST, 2ND, 3RD linesbefore C chord C G Ame-------------------------------------------/B-------------------------------------------/G-------------------------------------------/D-------------------------------------------/A–3-33--333----------------0-00-0000----0020/E--------------3-33--333--------------33----/
ALTERNATIVE: C scale fill staring 2 beats earlier than above riff(this isn't exactly what jon plays live, a couple of notes aredifferent, but I can't figure them) C G Ame---------------------------------------/B-------------------------------------01/G-----------------------------------02--/D--------------------------------023----/A–3-33--333--------------0-00-003-------/E---------------3-33--333---------------/
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