Mekons - The Last Dance chords

C F C GThe dance floor's nearly empty now
C F CEveryone's gone home
C F C GWe're fragmented and broken up
C F CLike love affairs
C F C GAnd as I see you for the first time
C F CSomething whispered
C F C GLooking at you in desperation
C F CKnowing nothing ever happens
Am G FI wanted to say fall in love
Am G FI wanted to say fall in love with me
Am G FI wanted to say fall in love
D It'll be alright
So beautiful, you were waltzing Little frozen rivers all covered in snow All fragmented and broken up Oh, well, I guess it's time to go
VIOLIN RIFF (as played on guitar) C F C G C F Ce-----------------------------------------------------------------------------/B-----1---3-1-------------------------------1---3-1---------------------------/G--2-----------2---0----0-----2-----------2---------2-----0----0----2---------/D3--------------------3-----3---3-------3--------------------3----3-----------/A-----------------------------------------------------------------------------/E-----------------------------------------------------------------------------/
*****Correction: Last Dance is wrong on the chorus - should be Am G F X3 then D
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